Providing Valuable Insights for Entrepreneurs

Beat Bux provides savvy entrepreneurs with proven strategies and tactics to boost lead generation, sales and brand recognition. Our Entrepreneur Toolkit adds considerable value to the bottom line.

We have deep roots in the marketing industry with two decades of experience building quality brands!

The Beat Bux brand was developed by Disenyo Studio, a full service boutique advertising agency that specializes in creative design and digital marketing. Disenyo’s mandate is to develop strong reputable brands that customers gravitate too, which runs parallel to the Beat Bux model. The Entrepreneur Toolkit was developed with startups, small businesses and serial entrepreneurs in-mind. We understand that operating a business comes with significant financial costs, that’s why we developed our Entrepreneur Toolkit to provide valuable insights and actionable tactics to businesses who have very little marketing budget.

Our process makes marketing your business quite easy. Through a DIY (do it yourself) approach, you can grow your brand easily and with measurable results. We’ve carefully curated a collection of strategies with one goal in mind; to empower entrepreneurs by equipping them with the knowledge and tools they require to be successful, and with-out breaking the bank.


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